David Cameron is out…


David Cameron. I shouted. OUT OUT OUT. They shouted. All day. Three months later he’s out. I was thinking at the time I don’t even know if I want him out. Anyone up for a “bring back David Cameron” campaign?

Last time I searched for this googling, “bizarre rave”, produced the above video as the only search result. Now there’s another one. Seems like its catching on…!!!  Oh no…

anyway below this text are two versions of the story of the first “Bizarre Rave”, the uncontrived one, not finished either version of the story yet

– this “bizarre rave” above i just found looks a bit mickey mouse, not me guv, i wasn’t there, but i guess that’s my fault too cos it’s clearly an action based on the title of the first video… breitbart the right wing news agency labelled that Cameron clip as “bizarre rave” to insult it and because it got two million hits now the left wing are delibarately trying to pull off a bizarre rave it seems, …., facepalm, …,  you cant do it like me babes… breitbart must’ve deleted and reuploaded the original to remove the views because its got way less hits on it now than the million it had after the first 24 hours

the Cameron “out out out” vid above is not the breitbart one because – fuck breitbart – but it is an identical clip posted by someone called “Panama Papers – The Real Story” and they’ve taken breitbart’s titling and added to it so where it used to be called, “Anti Cameron Protest Descends into Bizarre Rave”, it’s now called, “Anti Cameron Protests Descends into a Total Crazy & Bizarre Rave”, which apart from really low quality plagersim is also to take what was a bad piece of propagandist deliberate mistitling and make it worse, deliberately – and posted by someone claiming to be “The Real Story” – lying CUNTS they dont know fuck all i was there that was me on the mic, infact i better download these clips before they go down the memory hole a la 1984

i was quite annoyed actually, with the titling, i was on no social networking at the time (and i gotta get back to that) so first i hear of vid (cos i am an expert camera dodger) was Sonny Green the Grime mc (who’s more into youtube hits than me)  calling me up and saying “you know you got a million hits on youtube?… and the funny thing is the geezer who sent it to me weren’t even political at all, more like a cockney gangsta”… i think i saw it maybe two days later, maybe when benny b sides showed up at the hive and it had more like 2 million hits then – but then i saw the title – shit man – i had assumed, stupidly, that it was a positive piece, not something posted by an enemy – a mocking belittling title insulting everyone there, me particularly, cos it was kinda my fault

(and benny b sides obviously, never leave out the b, my junglist selecta for the day)

so, breitbart, obviously intending to mock belittle and dismiss had inadvertantly promoted the revolution cos it went viral, hahaha, stupid cunts, so, blatantly, what they’ve done is deleted and reuploaded or deliberately wiped out the views cos it’s now only got 15,000 views like – what a bunch of dishonest wankers – yo breitbart, you just put yourself on the lying propagandist media hitlist – you’re up there for assasination with rupert murdoch, not cos you’re that significant just cos its personal, thats more hits than i ever had in my life, 15,000 is, never mind 2 million


(like we didn’t know that already, hahaha)

ahhh shit and there were loads of good comments there, probably wiped out too

anyway here’s the stories – version 2 first



2 thoughts on “David Cameron is out…

  1. that second blog is the first blog i wrote fuming about the black dissidents girl complaining about middle aged white men but never got to the actual nonsense of the wednesday meeting after that saturday before the organised doctors and disabled union momentum march next saturday (the one i was at was a spontaneous probably illegal one organised with three days notice on the panama papers information) – you know, the boy from SOAS who found the jungle music “intimidating” – what? and you wanna be a revolutionary? and you found the jungle music intimidating??? fffuuuccckkk offffff – the lot of you at that fucking meeting – pussies, straight up dickheads, that was when i was like fuck the left wing again and got off the loony left galloway trip sparky had put me on

    – i have since flipped fully reactionary right wing and gone right through the mysogenist racist right wing thing again and really trying to break free of that too (cos that’s worse) and really it was all cos of that black bitch from black dissidents being a stupid fucking prick running that dickhead black lives matter mindset on a set of issues that were absolutely nothing to do with colour that fucked it all up

    – that is also the same reason america will get trump cos of those fat black bitches hijacking bernie saunders for black lives matter and bernie saunders fucking LETTING THEM stupid jewish loony lefty idiot
    – i was behind him till then
    – at that moment i knew he’d lost, it would be hilary verses trump and trump would win, the fucking anglo saxon nazi – cos of course black lives matter tried the same shit on trump and trump just told them to fuck off and looked way more like a man who could lead america than this pussy whipped jewish lefty
    – disaster – and exactly the same shit killed corbyn
    – they attack they attack – the feminists and black power fucking morons and of course do they land any blows on the right wing??? not at all, ever, they only ever strike succesful blows against the left meanwhile providing very sensible reasons to vote right wing – fucking idiots fuicking idiots fucking idiots – one day i’ll get in the blog and write the story of that meeting properly shows exactly where all the wannbe revolutionaries go straight up their own arse

    fucking pissed off right now sorry

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